Color will make your whole home look thoughtful, well-planned and well-organised. Here’s a guide to interior paint to help you find the correct palette. I accept that there are no laws which are hard and easy. The choices of color are personal, so start with the color you love and you don’t mind seeing it every day.Checkout How to choose paint colour for more info.

You can also introduce color to your home through home interior fabric, wallpaper, and rugs in addition to painting the wall. One rule that I like to follow is to stick to neutral tones for significant and permanent parts of your interior such as sofa and cabinets. Typically the vivid hues are reserved for accent pieces such as blankets, pillow cases, or even pottery.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask when you decide on the right interior colour:

What color is your favorite? What’s the first color you pick from a crayon box

Why are you reacting to colour? Did you feel moved by the bright yellow and orange sunset?

What color do your wardrobe clothes look like? Will you want to choose our colorful bits or do you stick to the neutral?

How big is the surface? Would you like it to feel more comfortable or look bigger?

Do you want to bring your rooms together in the same color?

What do you feel inside the room? Relaxed and relaxed or energetic and full of energy?

How much light does it have?

Was the room overlooking a view? Would you like to embed this into your interior?

Through the above, I hope you will be able to enlist the comfort of these everyday items in a comfortable and meaningful colour.

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